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‧ Human-Centered Product Development.
· Logical Thinking & Valuable Legacy.
· Practical Technology & Touches of Simplicity.

REDSON rackets are concisely and elegantly designed without a trace of redundancy while preserving the valuable manufacturing philosophies and specifications of early wooden rackets, making each REDSON racket an instant classic.

REDSON has always been the trailblazer of the industry with no fear for manufacturing impossibilities and with the needs of players in mind. Dive into the ever-evolving philosophy of REDSON's technology and aesthetics with us to enrich the world badminton together! 


Wooden Badminton Rackets

REDSON was founded in 1980 with wooden rackets as the main products at the time. While having rectangular cross section with no grommets, the wooden rackets are heavy and lack rigidity, torque, and elasticity. Due to various limitations, wooden rackets were gradually replaced by aluminum-iron ones.


Aluminum Iron Alloy Rackets

REDSON started to manufacture aluminum iron alloy rackets from 1980 to 1985, whose materials formed into oval cross section provide lighter weight, improved rigidity and much more resilience and torque. As a trade-off, grommets have to be used to prevent the strings from being worn and torn by the drilled holes on metal frames, which would gradually collapse.


Carbon Fiber Rackets

REDSON started incorporating carbon fiber into the manufacturing process in 1985, marking the beginning of development and innovation of various racket series, to which the grommets still have to be applied to deal with the inevitable problems of broken strings and collapsed frames due to the friction.


REDSON introduced the carbon fiber rackets in 1990, featuring the box-shaped structure which improves rigidity and torque. The frame structure laid down the foundation for the octagonal frame design. At the same time of 1990, we were also working on a racket series with oval-shaped cross section frame — BETA, characterized by the excellent speed and lightness. The development led to the hexagonal frame shape and our iconic Dimple Frame — Shape 01.


In 2006, REDSON improved the already speedy oval frame and launched the aerodynamic hexagonal frame, whose shape on the windward side was altered to further increase the speed and agility in swinging.


Model Name
2006  AT-250
2018  AT-28 
2019  AT-25

Aerodynamic Frame

During a swing, the frame head has the longest fetch length. The hexagonal aerodynamic structure effectively reduces resistance and lowers the drag, thus In 2006, REDSON improved the already speedy oval frame and launched the aerodynamic hexagonal frame, whose shape on the windward side was altered to further increase the speed and agility in swinging, thus producing stable and powerful hits at high swinging speed.


Simplicity & Elegance.
Pure Qualities with a Touch of Smoothness.


REDSON pioneered the engineering of the frame shape in 2015 with our industry-first and proprietary Dimple Frame, mimicking the tiny dimples on a golf ball's surface to further work in accordance with the oval-shaped cross section whose structure then effectively changes the state of airflow on the windward side of the rackets based on fluid mechanics principles. 
With the structural innovation in frame shape, the torque and stability of the structure are also reinforced to empower the Dimple Frame to deliver speedy and powerful performances in every swing, during  which a state of vacuum with little disturbance of wind pressure and a unique power-steering-wheel kind of handling are created.
As the signature of REDSON's all-round series rackets, “+SHAPE” aims to convey our pragmatic technology and minimalist design with the aesthetics ahead of the modern mainstream.

【Patent Number : M495874 (TW)、3201901 (JP)、ZL201420768466.1 (CN)】

Model Name
2015-2016  SHAPE 01
2018  SHAPE 03、SHAPE 07
2022  SHAPE 01 EX


Dimple Shape
The Dimple-Shape frame weakens the wake and thus lowers the drag by 10%.

Conventional Racquet
Conventional frames create a thicker wake with more drag.


For over 20 years, grommets, the additional plastic parts used to protect the strings, have indirectly prevented the valuable qualities of early wooden rackets from being appreciated. In 2020, REDSON overcame the problems of the strings being break-prone on the edge of the stringing holes and the collapsed frame with the back-to-basics GROMMET-FREE “SHAPE SG,” a testimony to our human-centered design of the frame exuding purity and simplicity derived from the nature of the selective materials. 

With the breakthrough innovation of “SHAPE SG,” featuring polished tiny eyelets minimizing structural fragilities and imbalances caused by the unnecessary grommets so as to practically enhance the rigidity and durability of the frame, the chemistry between the player and the racket is once again awaken with every hitting sound made as the shuttlecock touches the strings while a chain reaction of neural activity connecting the player's swing to the body, mind and soul is triggered to unleash the ever-involving potential. 

REDSON proudly invites you to the new era “SHAPE SG” has ushered in for rackets of valuable legacy and innovative thinking.


Human-Centered Design & Neurotransmission.
Unleash the Unlimited Potential of Soul, Mind and Power!

【Patent Number : M495874 (TW)、D208612 (TW)、D209787 (TW)、3201901 (JP)、ZL201420768466.1 (CN)】

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