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The REDSON brand was launched based on “RADIANCE,” as in the brilliant performance that radiates from athletes delivering their best on the court.

Founded in 1949 in Japan, HIROUN CO., LTD. is a sports equipment retailer selling the highest-quality of products while distributing over 60 sports equipment brands. In the 1980s, HIROUN CO., LTD. launched its own brand REDSON focusing on rackets (for badminton, tennis and squash) in Japan.

Since 2014, HIROUN SPORTS CO., LTD. as the main distributor has been responsible for the worldwide marketing of REDSON, introducing the high-quality REDSON products to badminton fans all over the world.

In pursuit of unique product designs, REDSON products are designed by the design team of the head office in Japan, with precision (details) and LUXURY (quality) specified as the key concept of product development. Along with 30-plus years of experience, all REDSON products are developed based on its principle of highest-quality.


Having technology as the core essence, REDSON focuses on creation and upholding its principle to strive in providing professional and complete badminton equipment supplies, making it the powerful backing for athletes on the court.

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