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Insistence on Top Quality

To push the limits of industry, REDSON is committed to meticulously selecting and utilizing top-notch materials throughout the research, design and production of professional badminton rackets while keeping all phases closely monitored to ensure consistent quality.

Precise Swing Weight Management

It is claimed that badminton is a unique racket sport with an initial speed of shuttlecocks as high as 350km/h which then rapidly dropped due to the high aerodynamic drag of spinning feathers. In consideration of such nature, REDSON seeks to craft rackets that strike the perfect balance between stable control and swing power influenced heavily by the SWING WEIGHT comprised of the racket weight and its balance point. As the management of SWING WEIGHT is one of the trickiest issues in crafting a lightweight and delicate racket, each REDSON racket is crafted to a highly homogenized specification with precise production management. Making rackets that best serve the players has always been one and only goal of REDSON.

Perfection Without the Tiniest Flaw

To achieve the ideal SWING BALANCE, we strive to build durable rackets with intricate lightweight design based on fluid mechanics. The result is a perfect marriage of innovative thinking and ultimate craftsmanship.

redson_wooden handles-crop-u2274_2x.jpg

Marks on Handles Proving Strict QC

To precisely control a racket's weight balance while maintaining the exact SWING BALANCE, REDSON pinpoints the racket's weight distribution throughout the production of the head, shaft, grommets, cap, wooden handle, grip tape, end cap, paint, etc.  The branded serial numbers on the wooden handles are proof of  the strict quality control and reference used for weight separation procedure.  

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