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Insistence on Top Quality

In the pursuit of advanced functions in our innovative badminton rackets, REDSON chooses our materials meticulously and dedicates fully to the research, development and production of professional badminton rackets, keeping all production procedures closely monitored for consistent quality that will help players achieve their best.

Precise SWING WEIGHT Management

It is claimed that badminton is a unique racket sport with an initial speed as high as 350km/h. However, the shuttlecock decelerates rapidly due to spinning caused by overlapping of the feathers. In consideration of such nature, REDSON commits to crafting rackets that give the power and stable control every player wants. with their unique strengths, the major factor to their swing powers is the SWING WEIGHT comprising the racket weight and balance point. The management of SWING WEIGHT is one of the trickiest issues in the crafting of a light-weight, delicate racket. REDSON manufactures each of its rackets in a homogenized specification and under precise production management. Our full efforts are always dedicated to making rackets that best serve the players. 


Our Commitment to Perfection Allows Not the Tiniest Flaw.

To achieve the ideal SWING BALANCE, we are in constant pursuit of intricate light weight and durability. The weight and balance accomplished through the combination of fluid mechanics and innovative detail design demonstrate the utmost of craftsmanship.

redson_wooden handles-crop-u2274_2x.jpg

Branded Serial Numbers on the Wooden Handles Demonstrates Effective Management

For precise control of the weight balance of the rackets and of the exact SWING BALANCE, REDSON pinpoints the weight distribution throughout the manufacturing from the head, shaft, grommets, cap, wooden handle, grip tape, end cap, paint and others. Wooden handles are treated under quality control and weight separation, and branded with serial numbers as a reference for quality control.

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