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RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-01.png
RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-03.png
RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-04.png
RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-05.png
RTW_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG_PC_v1_09.png

Frame/Wind Resistance Chart

Dimple Shape
The Dimple-Shape frame weakens the wake and thus lowers the drag by

Conventional Racquet
Conventional frames create a thicker wake with more drag.

RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-09.png
RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-07.png
RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-013.png

Notices About Stringing

Please take notice when striging: bevel the string tip with a diagonal plier and insert string right straight into the eyelets.

RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-014.png

Compared with conventional rackets, SHAPE 01 MG demonstrates a thicker structure at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, which effectively improves impact upon swing while considerably enhancing drop stability for swings while preventing racket deformation.

RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-08.png
RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-010.png
RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-011.png

Grommet-Free Frame

The grommet-free frame addresses the problem of racket strings tearing easily due to abrasion against the carbon fibers in the frame. The eyelets are processed with fine polishing, allowing the strings to directly contact the frame and produce crisp, clear hit sounds.

※ Traces of pressure may show on the paint around the eyelets after stringing and are normal results of abrasion.

RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-012.png

Eyelet diameter of 
SHAPE 01 is 2.1mm

Eyelet diameter of 
SHAPE 01 MG is 1mm

Better Strength, Lighter Weight

The diameter of the eyelets at the 3, 9 and 12 (top) o’clock positions on the grommet-free frame is 1mm. As it is smaller than the conventional eyelet diameter of frames with grommets, which is 2.1mm, the overall strength of the racket is enhanced by 10%.

This method eliminates the use of additional parts, i.e. the grommets, and as a result the frame weight is lessened by approximately 0.7g. To balance the weight in the racket, the wooden handle must also be made lighter by 0.7g. Therefore, the overall weight is reduced by around 0.7gx2=1.4g, combining the advantages of SHAPE 01 and SHAPE 03.

RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-015.png
RTW_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG_PC_v1_14.png
RINT_球拍產品廣告_SHAPE 01 MG(白)_PC_v1-016.png
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