US-02, extending REDSON's leading innovated hybrid frame
“ULTRA DYNAMIC SHAPE,” fully evolves in terms of speed, tension and power.

Inherited the three-effect structure of US-22: low drag aerodynamic frame head + high-tension camber on the side of the head + 
high-rigidity octagonal throat.

The whole new US-02H shape groove structure is directed to the inner side of the rackets, which effectively enhances rackets’ rigidity, tension and torsional strength.

On the basis of directing H-shaped strengthened groove structure, US-02 can reduce the size of overall racket frame cross-section.

Slim rackets can greatly reduce swinging drag while maintaining the high-rigidity and high-tension characteristics that US-22 possesses.


The RG series frames feature higher stiffness than conventional frames, which result in less distortion when stringed in high tension and improve head tension, bringing explosiveness with higher intensity upon a swing.

The RG series frames offer better anti-torque than conventional frames, which result in less bending and better shock resistance upon impact with the shuttle. The feature provides better touch and control along with higher stability upon a swing.

Low Drag Aerodynamic Frame Head ------

During a swing, the frame head has the longest fetch length. The hexagonal aerodynamic structure effectively reduces resistance and lowers the drag, thus allowing stable and powerful hits at high swinging speed.

High-resistance Camber on The Sides of The Head------

To enhance the toughness of the frame, the camber frame is extended from hexagonal frame to allow even dispersion of pressure upon stringing or swinging. This will prevent the frame from excessive twisting and ensure stability in each hit.

High-Stiffness Octagonal Throat-----

Octagonal tube is incorporated into the basic structure for enhanced stiffness which, during a swing, brings out maximum stability and torsional strength while reducing drag to generate powerful drops and improve explosiveness.



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